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About This Site

  Welcome. I started this web site and wrote Overcoming Prescription Drug AddictionA Guide to Coping and Understanding to help others who are struggling with prescription drug addiction. I understand both the struggle and the fear that go with addiction. My younger brother abused prescription drugs for nearly fifteen years. It seemed he could get a prescription for any drug he wanted any time he wanted it. It was so painful to watch this bright young man being pulled down by his addiction. I, along with my family tried everything we knew to help him, but in the end, we still lost him.
(See Rod Colvin’s story).

Looking back, I remember feeling so powerless to help him. And, I later realized that I was totally uneducated about addiction. I believe education is key to understanding and coping with addiction. Whether you find yourself chemically dependent on prescription drugs or whether you have a loved one who is addicted, I hope this web site will help you. It is my belief that when we are struggling and frightened, information takes away some of the fear and helps us move in a positive direction.

- Rod Colvin



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